Financial Health Check Calculator

Ratios are used to give an indication of 'financial health' and can be pointers to long term viability. At Accounting for Good, as part of the annual review of our clients' financial performance, we prepare YOYOs - Year on Year Overviews - which present the financial ratios over a five year period, with an indication of what needs to be done to build financial resilience.

Click here for a link to the Health Check Calculator.  Collect the values from your financial report (or audited statement) and then check your score against the table below to see whether your organisation is Healthy or Endangered. (A copy of your results will be emailed to you.)

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 3.52.12 pm.png

ACNC Charity Size Calculator

The ACNC has different requirements for charities when submitting reports which are dependent on the size of the charity. (See this Link at the ACNC.)

To determine what size your organisation is, use our ACNC Size Calculator.


  • Flex Timesheet in Google Sheets

    Some organisations need to meticulously record 'flex' time for their staff, and so we have created a Google Sheet to be modified for this purpose. (Xero can hold flex balances but Xero timesheets are a little problematic for recording it in that it will want to pay the hours recorded unless they are manually reversed with a leave line. Too much room for error for our liking.) This tool requires a little knowledge of Sheets/Excel.

    There may be software applications such as Tsheets that manage this automatically.

    Use with caution

  • Cashflow Template in Google Sheets

    Predicting the availability of cash for future debts, payroll and other obligations is a critical responsibility to avoid the risks of insolvency.

    Attached is a simple spreadsheet which can be adapted to construct a predictable forecast.

    Replace the predictions each month with the actuals, and continue to monitor the available cash for your predicted needs.This requires a little knowledge of Sheets/Excel.

    Use with caution

  • Delegation of Authority Matrix

    Setting up a policy to inform stakeholders in an organisation about who has what authority can be as simple or as complext as you need. Importantly the policy needs to be appropriate to the organisation, and set out clear guidance for who can - and cannot - make decisions. This is especially important around HR, expenditure, and communication.

    Here are two simple templates to help build an Approval matrix.

    Sample 1

    Sample 2

  • Manual Invoices

    If you need to create invoices manually (ie not using Xero or other accounting software) here is a simple spreadsheet template which can be "Saved As" and modified for use.

    Google Sheet version of Manual Invoice Template

    Excel version of Manual Invoice Template.


AFG is regularly asked if we have financial policies and procedure models we can share. Here are some links to some resources that we have found useful - it is not an exhaustive list so let us know if you know of others that are good.


Institute of Community Directors

They have a lot of different policy options available in their Policy Bank. Organisations can take and use policies for free and other organisations / companies ‘deposit’ policies - so be aware of where the policy came from when having a look - it might be written from a particular point of view. All of their policies are free.

NGO Services Online

This is a paid subscription based service. There are two sections to the website. The SPP Portal is an accreditation tool and Management Support online provides support and assistance through resources and guides for management. Both sections include libraries of model policies, procedures and templates. Some peak bodies and funding programs have arrangements for reduced or free subscriptions.

Business Victoria

This document from Victoria is a standard Financial policy and procedure document that has been written for small business. There are some elements which may not be relevant (eg: stock control) but it is comprehensive, clearly written and easily adaptable.

CPA Australia

This is a comprehensive discussion starter document for Internal Controls for Non for Profit Organisations, with guidelines on things to think about about and checklists one a range of ares to enable you to establish strong internal controls. It would also be useful as a guide to assist in reviewing existing policies and procedures.

Community Door

This is managed by QCOSS and on the Organisational Resources tab there are lots of resources, templates and models. There is a specific financial management area which includes a unit costing tool and there are model policies and templates in their Human Services Quality Framework.

Other Options

Check with your peak body - organisations including NCOSS have management support models, links to policies and other resources which may be useful to your particular situation.

And finally don’t forget the world wide web! Search for the policy / procedure you are after and there is sure to be something online to provide some information and ideas. Ensure you don’t breach any copyright legislation though.

NOTE: The links above were accessed in July 2018. If they do not work, please search for the organisation or the the name of the document.