Xero - what’s coming up?

Xero holds a conference for accounting partners every year - this year the attendance of over 3,500 bookkeepers and accountants got it labelled “Coachella for accountants” (although we doubt there was crowd-surfing at XeroCon). At the conference, Xero outlines what’s coming up on their development roadmap and they’ve kept it fairly quiet post-conference so far. The Fin Review reported that Xero will make their API available to banks and other financial institutions to speed up the bank feed connection and allow a closer integration, a la the partnership developed to date with NAB. It will be interesting to see whether the banks will be ready adopters - potentially smaller institutions that are more nimble might be the next group of players in that space. Watch this space…

The other development reported by the Fin Review is a “files required” function that will alert you when a supporting document is missing. That’s a good feature -  AFG uses Receipt Bank for this function currently and we suppose that Xero’s recent acquisition of HubDoc might be a driver of this development.

Xero says they’ll release more development information over coming weeks - you can find Xero product news here.