Charity Size Calculator

Enter your charity's revenue information below to calculate your charity size for ACNC purposes.
You can get these figures from the Revenue note to your audited financial statements or a full year financial report.

Use whole dollar figures - no cents, commas, symbols or spaces

Grants from government, foundations, private or other sources   $
Donations, tithes, bequests or legacies   $
Fees for service   $
Sales   $
Sponsorship, fundraising   $
Interest earnt on bank accounts, investments, dividends   $
Royalties, licence fees   $
In-kind donations   $
Other type of operating income   $
Amounts collected for others - your charity does not gain the benefit of the funds   $
Gains on sale/disposal of assets   $
Gains on revaluation of assets or foreign currency transactions   $
Other type of non-operating outcome   $

*Included and *Not included describe the components of revenue that
do or do not contribute to the ACNC's calculation of business size.