Organisation Lifecycles

One of the founders of Accounting for Good, Morri Young, was at an event last week which brought together many people from across the social services sector, some of whom he had worked with closely. A dear friend, whom he hadn't been in touch with for 25 years was there, and he decided to check in with her. She reminded him that, as her supervisor, he was often frustrated about the way that she was implementing the plans that he had prescribed for the nascent organisation. She pointed out that the difference was: "Morri, you wanted things done, and I wanted them done properly". 

Kate Barr has written thoughtfully this week on the myth of Founders' Syndrome, and how in fact there is a lifecycle for every organisation where different leadership and management responses are required, depending on where in the cycle the organisation currently sits. At some point, things just need to be done ... "Just ship it" as Seth Godin would say.. and at other times, they need to be done deliberately and 'properly'.