ACNC prepares to launch its 'charity seal'

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is launching its Healthy Heart tick for use by charities on their promotional material from November, so they can let donors know that they are a registered charity.

While the 'seal' will be accessible to all charities at this stage, the ACNC has made it clear that it will be monitoring use of the logo. At this stage it appears that there are not going to be 'high bars' to get the tick - other than being a registered charity - but one can see a future where some charities will be entitled to a rating or differentiation on their charitable status.

At Accounting for Good we are relaunching our Financially Fit for Funding (FFFF) assessment, which is a review of the capability that a non-profit or charity can demonstrate in the event that it were to receive additional funds. Not all non-profits can cope with an influx of funding, and the strain on governance, financial procedures and accounting and reporting systems can be counter-productive. Providing an assessment through a comprehensive review can assist at a number of levels: Boards can determine what they need to do to make themselves more attractive to funders; philanthropists and government can make a judgement about the best use of funding to ensure non-profits maximise the benefits of the funding. The FFFF is not associated at all with the ACNC healthy charity tick, but we are sure that it will contribute to differentiating charities and non-profits which are being proactive about their capability to make changes.