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Financial Intelligence For People Who Do Good

We want non-profits and organisations with a social purpose to see us as a partner.

We bring our long-term experience with financial management in non-profits to calmly, diligently and purposefully work through the solutions. We want you to be able to say:

All my financial management needs are fulfilled

I am reassured by an independent, external view on our finances

I can rely on timely information to make the right decisions

I have a trusted partner by my side to keep me safe and informed

Our commitment to non-profits:
Professional bookkeeping and payroll services

We believe in our hearts that good decisions can only come from good information.
Our mission is to bring you financial information which is understandable,

timely and accurate. Only then can you go on to make the right decisions to achieve your mission.

We provide specialist accounting and financial management services exclusively tailored to the non-profit sector.

We are passionate about the non-profit sector: this is where we come from and we understand its unique challenges.

We put people before technology.
We assist you regardless of the platform you use and we can help you choose one.

Trusted financial management for your organisation

We have a highly trained and dedicated team of financial accountants who specialise in the not-for-profit sector. We understand the challenges of operating a non-profit charity or organisation. Lead by your client manager our team can offer your organisation a broad range of accounting services and financial advice.

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